Every order is priced individually, but as a general rule the cost is $54 for an “Assorted Dozen.”

But in any event, just fill out a Custom Order Form, tell me about your occasion and your budget, and I can make fabulous cookies happen for that price.

What’s an “Assorted Dozen”?

It’s three to four different designs using three or four different colors of icing. One of these designs would be more complex and can include text, and the others would be a bit less complicated.

If you need a particularly complex design, or multiple designs with text, the cost will be higher, but we can work out all of the details in our initial discussion after I receive your Custom Order Form

Other pricing considerations

Cookie Flavor: One cookie flavor per order. There is a $10 charge to split an oder between two flavors

Packaging: Cookies come individually wrapped in self-sealed cello bags in a bakery box with paper shred. Specialized packaging available at additional cost.

Delivery: Delivery is free within 15 miles of Windsor Town Square, and there is a $20 delivery fee between 16 and 30 miles. I don’t do any long-range delivery, and for best quality and freshness I do not ship cookies.

Design Level

Keep in mind that BASIC can be BEAUTIFUL!  Check out the Sweet Creations Gallery and FAQs for some ideas. All cookies start with a base of two icing colors.

BASIC design involves up to two steps
DETAILED design involves up to 5 steps, and
ELABORATE design involves 6 or more steps.

Birthday gift for a guy who loves his standard poodle, pretzels, donuts, and a good Old Fashioned!

Elements of Cookie Glam:
  • More icing colors
  • More icing steps or layers
  • Airbrushing
  • Stenciling
  • Sprinkles or sugars
  • Icing transfer
  • Fondant embellishment
  • Painted detail
  • Wafer paper
  • Piped or painted writing
  • Cookie on a stick or cake topper
  • Standing 3-D “easel” cookies
  • More cookie layers
  • Cello bagging
  • Ribbon bow on cello bag
  • Bakery box with paper shred
  • Heat sealed packaging


Dairy Cows – 4” cookie, 2 base colors, cello bag, ribbon bow


Butterflies – 5” cookie, four colors, icing layers, cello bag


Rocket Man – 5” cookie, six colors, icing layers, airbrushed stencil, piped lettering, cello bag