How to Order Custom Decorated Cookies

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What’s your cookie vision?

The easiest way to get the cookie party started is to preview the Order Form, look at the Pricing sheet, and read through this page and the FAQs before you hit the “Submit” button. Then you’ll have a cookie vision to share with me!

What happens when you place an order?

Right away, I get SUPER EXCITED!  Within one business day, I will confirm your order and provide a proposal, quote and invoice for the project. Then I start getting artsy, visualizing, researching, sketching, and making cookie plans. Sometimes I will want to run a sketch or idea by you to be sure we are on the same wavelength. Once we have a cookie plan, I gather all cookie cutters, supplies and other goodies for your special project. I bake the cookie shapes, mix the icing in just the right colors and consistencies, create any special embellishments, artfully apply the icing and other goodies—sometimes in many steps with drying time in between. When the cookie creations are complete and dry, I package them as agreed and prepare them for a delightful, delicious delivery to you!


I have limited availability for custom orders, especially during holidays. My suggested lead time is generally 30 days, and figure 60 days for Halloween and Valentines orders, and 90 days for Christmas orders.

If you ask me for a rush job, I might be able to make cookie magic happen, but please don’t be discouraged if I say no, and please DO try me again when we have more time!


I accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay. I can also roll old-school with a personal check delivered in person or via snail mail. Contact me for my snail mailing address.

For delivery dates within 30 days, orders are not considered final and booked until they are paid in full. For delivery dates more than 30 days away, I take a 50% deposit and charge the balance before I start baking about a week in advance (and I will give you a heads up beforehand).

Cancellation Policy

Within 48 hours of finalizing your order, you can cancel with no strings or hard feelings attached UNLESS it’s a rush order, in which case, you’ve bought cookies!

Within 1 week of delivery, you can still cancel your order with a 50% cancellation fee to cover my investment of creative energy and the “reserved” spot on my cookie calendar.


I will let you know when your special cookie creations are ready for pick-up in Windsor, CA. If you can’t pick up your order, delivery is free within 15 miles of Windsor Town Square, and there is a $20 delivery fee between 16 and 30 miles.

I can’t deliver any farther than 30 miles, and I generally do not ship cookies.  I have lots of talented cookie friends across the USA and would be glad to refer you if you’re not nearby.

Minimum Order

It depends… but in general, if you need just one super-special cookie, I can do that! Please see the Pricing sheet for more details.


I use very high quality ingredients—organic (whenever possible) and all FDA approved, including all-purpose wheat flour, sugar, brown sugar, butter, eggs, cocoa powder, salt, baking powder, vanilla extract or bean paste, fresh lemon or orange zest or juice, cinnamon and other spices, and food-safe coloring and embellishments.

I do not have a gluten-free or sugar-free cookie option because I have not yet found any ingredients that “work” and still taste delicious.

I decorate with either royal icing (confectioner’s sugar, meringue powder and water) or glaze (confectioner’s sugar, corn syrup and water)—both dry to a hard finish.

While there are no nuts, peanuts or soy included the cookies, those things are present in the kitchen where the cookies are made, so I cannot rule out a chance encounter with those things.