A Bite About Me

It all started years ago when one of my BFFs brought me a very strange birthday gift. It was a basket filled with beautiful royal iced cutout cookies she had made for me, along with a cookie decorating starter kit. You have to understand—this was my swimming, biking, sprint triathlon workout buddy. She definitely saw the look on my face. I was in awe of the cookies, but ME? Make cookies like THIS? I was skeptical, and not just of my capability. Having never been described as craftsy, I was also skeptical that I might enjoy this activity. My friend confidently assured me that we would make cookies together one day soon, and I would love it! The following month, I volunteered to be the “mailbox angel” for my daughter’s class of 80 girls. I promptly dialed up my friend and issued the challenge… and we baked and iced some lovely giant (in retrospect somewhat embarrassing) butterfly cookies. That’s all it took. I was hooked. Many years, a bazillion cookies, and not nearly enough workouts later, I created Once Bitten to allow me to spread cookie joy far and wide… or at least throughout Sonoma County!

My cookies are all made in small batches in a home kitchen under a California’s cottage food laws. I use only the highest quality ingredients, and each cookie is carefully decorated by hand. Most importantly, my cookies are tasty too! (I mean… what would be the point of baking and decorating something that is less than delicious!) I look forward to the chance to bake and create something special for you!

Giving Back

I also spread cookie joy by volunteering at Teen Services Sonoma with the Lovin’ Oven teens. About once a month, I bring cookies and supplies for the teens to decorate a specially designed theme cookie that is then sold at their No Name Café at Sonoma Valley High School. Teen Services is a fantastic organization, leveraging a range of educational programs and micro-businesses to employ teens, and broadly working with Sonoma Valley schools, local businesses and other organizations to provide work-readiness skills and experiences that prepare teens for successful future employment. And now the Lovin’ Oven teens can also rock some royal icing in a piping bag!

I also donate cookies and cookie classes to support other organizations in greater Sonoma County, including Project Zin benefitting Down Syndrome Association North Bay, Luther Burbank Center (arts in education), and Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County.

Before: TriGirls with post-race mimosas

After: It’s all about the cookies!

CookieCon 2018 – Indianapolis

Teen Services Lovin’ Oven Crew decorating dragon mascot cookies

Lucky Donors!

Teen Services Lovin’ Oven Crew teaching volunteers to decorate cookies for donor gifts